by Cold Colours

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released May 19, 2014

1. Heathen
(music: Brian and Aaron; Lyrics: Brian)

2. From This Pain
(music: Aaron; Lyrics: Brian)

3. Terminal Winter
(music: Matt; Lyrics: Brian)

Brian J Huebner - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Aaron Lott - Guitar
Matt Hamilton - Guitar
Mike Andrie - Drums on 3
Will Maravelas - Drums on 1 and 2

Recorded and mixed and 14:59 Studios - Minneapolis, MN
Recorded by Zachary Letourneau and Will Maravelas
Mixed by Will Maravelas
Mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound - Sweden

Cover Art by Georgi at Moonring Design
Cold Colours logo by Christophe Szpadel



all rights reserved


Cold Colours Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Heathen
Hanging on to your fractured sanity
A memory that never was
Your condescending ways
The damage that you've done
Denying the ones that question you
While serving to spread the hate
Your addictive emptiness
Now blurs the reality you have made

Searching for something to feel
For someone to fill the void
You follow, blinded by lies
While you wretch again and again

Endless pain numbed by ignorance
Killing my devotion for your own selfishness
A figment in your mind of the one that never was
To justify your hate, killing in his name

Words handed down throughout time
Words of hate, words of ignorance
A silent man I shall be no more
To denounce everything you are
Track Name: From This Pain
How the silence cries beneath the moon when i die
To years of misery, to endless dreamless nights
Reflections of the past seem to only show the pain
And so here i am again, showered by this acid rain

Photographs that i now burn
Crying tears of emptiness
To myself i now turn
To rid this world of thee

In this empty room i lay, Staring into painless days
Reflecting back on what i have and all those i have lost
And although i try to find a way to live
The only end i see is death at any cost

The blade shining bright
This light fades away

Let the blood flow from my veins
Give me freedom from this pain
Track Name: Terminal Winter
the rot that covers the surface now lies beneath
the life that once was here now hidden by the ice

Forgotten days of endless light
Now are nothing but endless silence
The time of life is but a memory
Covered by this endless winter

The air freezes my heart
As I breathe in the frost
All my pain numbed by the cold
As the night now descends
Descending Power of nature's hate
Kills the ground below
With a smile I'm crippled by the pain
of this terminal cold

The warmth of summer is gone
The remnants frozen in time
The leaves cycle the death
Of the light that came before

The silence comforts me so
Helps to quiet the anger inside
The white that blinds my eyes
Helps to kill the pain inside